Paying the Piper: Songs I would Tip RTB2 to Cover

Asking a band that writes their own material to cover classic, albeit cherished, songs is generally poor etiquette.  I am not sure “freebird!” guy still exists in this day and age (Grady thinks he has been replaced by “more cowbell!” guy), but he and his counterparts are a public nuisance.  If a band writes their own material, they are not about to be your personal YouTube channel.

So, now that I have that disclaimer out of the way, I can get to shouting my virtual requests at RTB2.  First off, there is some precedence given that RTB2 actually does throw in a cover now and then.  Rumor has it the band played “Mississippi Queen” once for a $100 tip.  That’s a little steep for me, but on the heels of my review of their new album, 2, which you can read here, here’s a list of 10 songs I would happily drop a Hamilton to watch RTB2 cover.

“Ten Dollar Man” – ZZ Top (A titular coincidence, Grady’d be great on this)

“The Shape I’m in” – The Band

“Put Out the Fire” – Queen

“Ezy Ryder” – Jimi Hendrix

“Wooly Bully” – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

“Working Man” – Rush (This might actually get a drumstick thrown at my head)

“Marquee Moon” – Television

“Little Triggers” – Elvis Costello and the Attractions

“Up Above My Head” – Sister Rosetta Tharpe

“20th Century Boy” – T. Rex


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