Cornering the Cool Market: A Musical Rebuttal to August Kleinzahler (Eight Years Late)


This is appallingly irrelevant.  In 2004, San Franciscan poet August Kleinzahler reviewed a 2003 collection of poems edited by beloved radio personality Garrison Keillor.  “Reviewed” is pretty kind.  “Drooled intellectual venom all over” is closer to the truth.  Sometime in 2011, an episode of Travel Channel’s No Reservations mentioned the “unprovoked attack,” which is now over eight years old. (How much does it sting Kleinzahler, by the way, that to even make him relevant to a TV audience, he had to put him in the context of Garrison Keillor?) Continue reading

Obituary: Dick Sullivan


Richard J. Sullivan (1930 – 2012)


Let’s get this out of the way right up front: I don’t think my uncle, Dick, was ever aware of his name’s euphemistic popularity.  That, or it was so distant from his lifestyle and geography as to be meaningless.  It was irrelevant because no one would ever call him “Dick” except to say hello.  He just did not cross paths with any lexicon except that rounded, canuck-ish variety of the Adirondacks.  He was never captivated by the great metropolis to the South.  For Uncle Dick, Upstate was, for the better part of his days, always enough. Continue reading